Lukasz Kloda, M.Sc. Eng.

Lukasz Kloda

My name is Łukasz Kłoda. I am PHD student at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, simultaneously I work as a technical employee at the Department of applied Mechanics. The subject of my master thesis defended in 2015 was “Experimental Studies, Modelling and Vibration Analysis of a Nonlinear Composite Structure With Multistable Equilibria”. Since that time, I have continuously developed my knowledge about a snap-through phenomenon which is strongly nonlinear in nature. In the laboratory I deal with the modal analysis using optical noncontact vibrometer, mainly clamp-clamp composite beams with different kinds of damage. Moreover, I assist in classes of analytical mechanics and strength of materials.
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 Andrzej Dylewski, M.Sc. Eng.

Andrzej Dylewski

My main field of interests is analysis of vibrations of structures made of composite material, especially used in the aircraft. I participate in the research project 'Innolot' in Development Projects Office of PZL Mielec. In my recent project I was dealing with development of solutions for   railway boogies. I was responsible for its construction and safety equipment. I have participated in more development projects too. At present I am a Ph D student of Mechanical Engineering at Lublin University of Technology.

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